Photo by Tom Caruso


Tom Caruso of Smithtown captured this scene at Frank Melville Memorial Park in Setauket on Aug. 7. He writes, ‘I was walking around the Setauket Millpond when I heard a lot of splashing. I found several Canada Geese flapping their wings on the water and caught this one spraying water everywhere. It was quite a sight.

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Photo by Beverly C. Tyler


Beverly C. Tyler snapped this photo of a groundhog at his home in Setauket on Aug. 1. He writes, ‘A visitor to our backyard who did not see his shadow.’ In addition to this cutie, the Tylers have had many wildlife visitors this year including  quail, fox, turkey, red-tailed hawks, snakes and deer

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Photo from WMHO

The Ward Melville Heritage Organization (WMHO) has announced that they are now accepting individual reservations for Discovery Pontoon Boat Cruises starting in August. Cruises (up to 27 passengers) will run from August through October, seven days a week where high tide, sunset and weather allow. Reservations are heavily recommended – $35 per person, $25 per child aged three to six, and $5 per child aged two and younger.

Enjoy an hour and a half long cruise on West Meadow Creek on a roofed, open-air pontoon boat. Onboard, a naturalist will narrate your experience – the wildlife observed, the natural and human history and development of the area.

Walk-ons are welcome, but are cash only ($40 per person, $30 per child three to six, and $5 per child two and younger). Private cruises are also available for up to 27 passengers and are $550. Children under 12 must wear a life jacket, children four and under must bring their own.

For more information about the cruise, the WMHO, other upcoming events in Stony Brook Village and to reserve your seats, please call the WMHO office at 631-751-2244.

Photo by Daniel Dunaief


Daniel Dunaief discovered this frog friend on an evening walk with the dog in Poquott last week. He writes, ‘The frog, and the dog, stayed still long enough to allow us to get a close up using a phone light on one side and a camera on the other. After the photo, the dog ambled home and the frog hopped away.

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Photo by Michael Zotos


Visitors to the Port Jefferson Village Center and Harborfront Park this summer will be treated to a unique art installation by Holtsville artist Michael R. Zotos. The exhibit is currently on view on the front lawn of the Village Center. 

“I call my free standing characters ‘Spontaneous Entities’ because the initial figure is made spontaneously as a free stroke of the hand,” said Zotos. “Those I like I redraw onto a piece of thin plywood. I cut it, sand it, prime it and paint it. Then I usually add eyes and other facial characteristics and I embellish the piece.” 

 Zotos, whose curious creatures have been popping up all over Suffolk County lately,  says his artwork is influenced by his experiences as a child growing up in the Catskills’ Blue Mountain near Saugerties.

“There I played in the pond by my house, reaching into the water to pull up various aquatic living creatures. There were minnows and fish, frogs and lots of pollywogs. And then all around the landscape were all kinds of bugs and insects, toads and rodents [along with] lots of plant life of all variations. Somehow all of this seems to work its way into my art pieces.

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