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Coming Home

By Ellen Mason, Stony Brook


The view from my window,

Looking out to the street,

Brings anticipation

Of deliveries complete. 


From FedEx or postman

And sellers on eBay,

I await these small boxes

And how little they all weigh. 


My mission accomplished

Might seem foolish to some,

But I’m filled with delight

By these parcels that come. 


On eBay I found it,

And made it my mission:

To replace my old dollhouse, 

Furnished bedroom to kitchen. 


In primary colors

And precisely scaled detail,

This house from the fifties

Revives memories that were stale. 


A complete living room,

Molded from plastic,

With couch and TV.

Just so fantastic!


A sewing machine,

A phone and a vacuum,

Have movable parts,

Like commode in the bathroom. 


The biggest surprise

In daytime or night,

Is the Disney themed nursery,

Much to my delight.


Lithographed on the walls

And the yellow tin floor,

Are drawings of Mickey

And Donald and more. 


A two-car garage

And second floor terrace

Complete the good life for

A suburban heiress. 


I now have before me

My childhood dream,

Resurrected once more. 

I give thanks to the team


Of sellers on eBay,

Of which there are many,

Who sell vintage stuff. 

This was worth every penny. 


If nostalgia now calls you

Then, at my behest,

Perhaps you will tune

Into “Father Knows Best.


Dollhouse from the Marx Toy Company, accessories from Marx and Renwal.


Photo by Tom Caruso


Tom Caruso of Smithtown sent in this incredible photo just in time for Valentine’s Day. He writes, ‘I recently installed a bird feeder in my backyard and I’ve been able to photograph some very beautiful birds. None is as beautiful as this male Northern Cardinal. This regal bird was taking a break from dining at my feeder when I snapped this picture.  My camera was able to capture an amazing amount of detail in his feathers.’

 The Cardinals

By Ellen Mason, Stony Brook

A flash of brown and orange,

A dash of red and black,

The cardinals have returned.

I’m delighted that they’re back. 


Nuts fall from the feeder,

The couple share a seed,

Then fly into my berry bush.

The male bird takes the lead. 


He’s dressed in bright red plumage,

His eyes are sharp and bright.

He listens to the other birds

But keeps his mate in sight. 


Chickadees and bluejays

Have mounted an attack.

Cardinals will not give an inch

And take the feeder back. 


Have they come here for a reason?

With a message to impart?

Bringing solace, peace and comfort 

To my sad and lonely heart?


Perhaps this is the moment

To reflect on life and love,

And thank the lovely cardinals

As they fly off high above.

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Port Jefferson Station resident Gerard Romano spied this group of roses blooming by the Port Jefferson Village Center on June 15, a perfect accompaniment to the poem below.

By Ellen Mason, Stony Brook

Civilization awakens.

The weather is warm.

We’re eager to mingle.

We’ve weathered the storm.

We’ve made such adjustments,

In the wish to resume.

Now it’s time for a haircut

And examining room.

We’re forever grateful

To workers out there,

Who stayed at their posts,

Through this horrible scare.

We welcome the changes

But with caution, at last

To face life in the future,

With somber thoughts of the


A piping plover at West Meadow Beach in Stony Brook on May 26. Photo by Jay Gao
Mother Nature’s Wrath

   By Ellen Mason, Stony Brook

Mother Nature is angry

And she’s showing her wrath. 

We’ve destroyed her best efforts,

Walking down this wrong path. 


Our health is at stake,

And the health of our earth. 

But we’ve not done enough 

To make up for this dearth. 


Water pollution,

Severe climate change,

Endangered species,

There’s a whole range


Of needed improvements

For what we have wrought.  

We’ve squandered our riches,

And look what we’ve bought!


Yes we’ll get through this,

She’s stern but not cruel. 

But we must pay attention

And live by new rules.

SPREADING SUNSHINE A homemade sign in front of a home on Blue Point Road in Selden on May 2 thanks those on the frontlines. Photo by Heidi Sutton
2020 Heroes

Goodness may surround us,

In the least expected place,

Anonymously given

And left without a trace.

A favor from a neighbor,

Food left by the door,

A funny joke that’s sent

And leaves us hoping for some more.

Supermarket staff who are

Quick with ready smiles,

Who offer help and guidance,

Amid some empty aisles. 

Sanitation workers,

Those who bring the mail,

Instructors at computers

Teaching students to prevail. 

The nurses and the doctors,

Hidden by their masks,

Selflessly report each day

To undertake their tasks. 

Those who follow orders

To hunker in their homes,

And face their isolation

With humor and aplomb.

Leaders we rely on

Not to drop the ball.

These, the caring givers,

Are heroes to us all.

                                                       By Ellen Mason, Stony Brook