Port Jefferson Village trustees discuss many topics at work session

Port Jefferson Village trustees discuss many topics at work session

Screenshot from the June 12 trustee meeting via the Inc. Village of Port Jefferson’s YouTube channel.

By Katherine Kelton

The Village of Port Jefferson Board of Trustees held a work session June 12 to discuss new plans ranging from parking to funding. Mayor Lauren Sheprow spearheaded the meeting as each trustee brought their issues to the table. 

Parking was one of the major plans discussed throughout the meeting as throughout much of the village parking for residents and nonresidents has not been cohesive. Trustee Drew Biondo said, “The parking committee is ongoing with their work.” Beach parking lots will become resident only and discussions for other lots are largely yet to be decided. 

The parking updates will go into effect by the opening of beaches on June 22. The swimming area ropes were due to be installed June 19. The beaches remain open to all — only the parking is restrictive.

The village firework show on July 3 will be viewable from the East and West beaches. Sheprow announced that the show will have two new additions — a food truck and a DJ. To ensure safety and lawfulness, trustee Bob Juliano attended a firework committee in regards to the event. He shared once again that the event is open to nonresidents, though parking is strictly for residents only. 

Sheprow also touched on difficulties the village has been having in attracting businesses. She believes there is a misconception about the village not having enough foot traffic.

“The village is packed every weekend and many nights of the week,” she said, adding she is hoping to bring in more businesses. 

Juliano also shared that the repairs at Rocket Ship Park are complete, to which the board discussed the possibility of repairing the sidewalks in the area. 

Another major discussion of the meeting was the recession of the East Beach bluff on top of which the Port Jefferson Country Club is located — an issue the village has been facing for years. 

Deputy Mayor Rebecca Kassay admitted the recession is inevitable and that no amount of funding can reverse it. In the meeting, Kassay suggested making a “strategic retreat” from the bluff. Although the group did not decide what the retreat would look like, the board agreed a comprehensive plan would become necessary further down the line. However, the village will continue to fund the protection of the club for the time being as a new plan is developed. 

The Board of Trustees also addressed the Long Island Seaport and Eco Center’s Whaleboat 1776 Project, which received a grant allowing construction to be completed on the historic boat in 2025.

The next trustee meeting will be held on June 26. 


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