It’s no mystery that Theatre Three’s ‘The Mystery of the Missing Ever...

It’s no mystery that Theatre Three’s ‘The Mystery of the Missing Ever After’ is a hit

By Julianne Mosher

What if Snow White, Cinderella and Briar Rose didn’t get their happy endings? Snow White would have been poisoned by the apple, Cinderella forever a maid and Briar Rose would sleep until eternity. These fairy tales have had dozens of interpretations each throughout the years, but one thing is common — there is always a happily ever after. 

But Theatre Three is taking it a step further and switching it up. Making its world premiere, The Mystery of the Missing Ever After, written by Jeffrey Hoffman, Douglas J. Quattrock and Jeffrey Sanzel, brings in a bit of mystery with a lot of original music. 

Directed by Sanzel, the show starts off with what the three princess’ lives looked like after the final chapter closed. Cinderella (Veronica Fox) runs a show emporium, Snow White (Julia Albino) has opened a laundry service with the dwarves and Briar Rose (aka the Sleeping Beauty and played by Cassidy Rose O’Brien) has a successful meditation business, helping other fairytale and folklore creatures calm down. 

They live with their princes, Adrian, Basil and Constantine (all performed by Sean Amato) who each have their own quirky personalities but support their wives. 

In town, we’re introduced to other members of the community including the formerly evil Rumpelstiltskin (Steven Uihlein) who says he changed his ways and now helps children by buying them food and toys. Alice — formerly of Wonderland and played by Louisa Bikowski — now runs a retrieval agency, Alice’s Wonderland Wonders, and her colleague, the White Rabbit (Jason Furnari) struggles with severe anxiety and seeks out help from Briar Rose. 

As the play goes on, the princesses’ start to realize odd things happening — apples appearing out of nowhere, Briar falling asleep at any given moment and Cinderella loses her beautiful blue gown (one of many stunning costumes courtesy of Jason Allyn), transforming into her former self wearing an apron covered in ash. Soon after, their princes begin to forget who they are. That being the final straw, the three then decide that they need to figure out what is going on and why.

Along the way, they meet other favorite characters from different children’s books including Peter Pan (Liam Marsigliano), Little Red Riding Hood (Gina Lardi) and Puss in Boots (Kaitlyn Jehle), just to name a few. 

With the help of families in the audience, the mystery of the stolen happily ever after is solved — and it’s quite the surprise of who’s behind it. 

With a solid score of 12 original songs, written by Hoffman and Quattrock, and performed by this stellar cast, there is something for everyone here. Although it’s caters to young children, parents and older siblings will not be disappointed, either. 

So, get your glass slippers on and head down to Theatre Three in Port Jefferson to see this unique, fun, entertaining and awesome play. Stop by the lobby on your way out for a group photo with the cast.

Theatre Three, 412 Main St., Port Jefferson presents The Mystery of the Missing Ever After through June 15. Costumes are encouraged. All seats are $12. To order, call 631-928-9100 or visit


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