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Photo of the Week

Photo by Michael Perlotto


Michael Perlotto of Stony Brook snapped this incredible photo in mid-March. He writes, ‘I was walking at dusk on Trustees Road [at West Meadow Beach]. I rounded the corner and came upon this amazing scene.  I was the only one within eyesight … you could hear a pin drop as the deer stood off on the horizon.  I quickly took this picture with my iPhone as the deer stood perfectly still like statues!’

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Tom Caruso of Smithtown went to Short Beach in Nissequogue on March 13 and came upon his favorite shorebird. He writes, ‘I was walking along the beach when I caught something moving from the corner of my eye.  After a few seconds I realized that it was this piping plover moving through the reeds that washed up on the shore.  I followed it for a while and was able to snap several pictures of it.

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Photo by Michael Colamussi


Michael A. Colamussi of Rocky Point took photos of discarded helium balloons found along a five mile stretch of beach between Rocky Point and Shoreham the weekend after Valentine’s Day and created this collage. 

His wife Nancy writes, ‘Some of these balloons had beautiful messages of love, no doubt written and released for someone lost this year.  I doubt people are thinking about how harmful balloons are to our beaches and marine life during such a difficult time. Perhaps with Earth Day coming up next month, the newspaper could print a reminder to people to discard of balloons properly and even search for biodegradable products.  Perhaps, releasing a lantern instead? It would be nice to see the stores that sell these balloons post such a statement in their stores as well.

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Photo by Gerard Romano


Gerard Romano of Port Jefferson Station snapped this serene photo on Feb. 14. He writes, ‘Color our world white these days. I stopped by Port Jefferson’s East Beach to see the impact the Nor’easters have had on the newly reconstituted beach but with a fresh blanket of snow it was not possible.

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Photo by Elisa Hendrey


Elisa Hendrey of Sound Beach snapped this photo while taking a walk at Cedar Beach in Mount Sinai on Jan. 12. She writes, ‘I decided to take a closer look at the driftwood that I saw at a distance. When I got up close I realized that the shadow looked to me like a harp so I shot the scene. Interestingly, an Alaskan friend of mine thought it looked like a dog sled. I can now see that, too. It was a rather cool surprise to see such an interesting shadow. I returned another day at a different time and found that the shadow was quite different and did not seem worth photographing, so I guess timing IS everything.’

Photo by Tom Caruso


Tom Caruso of Smithtown sent in this incredible photo just in time for Valentine’s Day. He writes, ‘I recently installed a bird feeder in my backyard and I’ve been able to photograph some very beautiful birds. None is as beautiful as this male Northern Cardinal. This regal bird was taking a break from dining at my feeder when I snapped this picture.  My camera was able to capture an amazing amount of detail in his feathers.’

 The Cardinals

By Ellen Mason, Stony Brook

A flash of brown and orange,

A dash of red and black,

The cardinals have returned.

I’m delighted that they’re back. 


Nuts fall from the feeder,

The couple share a seed,

Then fly into my berry bush.

The male bird takes the lead. 


He’s dressed in bright red plumage,

His eyes are sharp and bright.

He listens to the other birds

But keeps his mate in sight. 


Chickadees and bluejays

Have mounted an attack.

Cardinals will not give an inch

And take the feeder back. 


Have they come here for a reason?

With a message to impart?

Bringing solace, peace and comfort 

To my sad and lonely heart?


Perhaps this is the moment

To reflect on life and love,

And thank the lovely cardinals

As they fly off high above.

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Photo by Tom Caruso


Tom Caruso of Smithtown snapped this photo of an Eastern Bluebird at Nissequogue River State Park in Kings Park on Feb. 17.  He writes, ‘There was a flock of these birds flying through the trees and they took short breaks to rest on branches, but their rest was short lived. I was lucky to catch this little guy sitting still!

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