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Photo of the Week

Photo by Anthony Grimaldi


Anthony Grimaldi of East Setauket snapped this cool photo of a seagull taking a treat from his fiancé Gloria Parker in midair in Montauk on Oct. 28. He writes, “My fiancé is a behavioral analyst and it was remarkable how she was able to instill trust in this one particular seagull.”

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Photo by Lisa Mcgrath


Lisa Mcgrath of Stony Brook took this beautiful photograph of the historic Gamecock Cottage (built in 1876) at West Meadow Beach on October 2nd. 

She writes…”While walking on this glorious day at our local beach after so many days of rain, I realized what a constant and beautiful backdrop the cottage is throughout the changing seasons. There were people fishing and enjoying the sunshine as well. It reminded me what a special place we live in.”

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Photo by Maria Pusateri


Maria Pusateri of Fort Salonga snapped this photo of her husband Donald shortly after sunrise at Sunken Meadow beach in Kings Park in August. She writes, ‘We often go for morning walks on the boardwalk at Sunken Meadow but it’s rare that we get there early enough for a sunrise. My husband loves to joke around and it was his idea to take this photo of him holding the sun. It took several tries for me to get it right. I actually posted this photo on Facebook for our 42nd wedding anniversary on August 9th; it was a natural fit.

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Photo by John Dielman


John Dielman captured this amazing shot of a male osprey heading back to its nest with a fish in its talons on Sept. 3 in his hometown of East Setauket.

One of the larger birds of prey, ospreys have an average wingspan of five feet. Fish represent about 99 percent of their diet. According to The National Wildlife Federation, after an osprey catches a fish, it arranges its feet to turn the fish so it faces head-first. This reduces aerodynamic drag, making the fish easier to carry.

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Photo by Gretchen Oldrin-Mones


While removing a downed tree on the Port Jefferson Station Greenway Trail during a Friends of the Greenway cleanup on Aug. 19, Gretchen Oldrin-Mones of Stony Brook spotted this praying mantis and snapped a photo with her iPhone. She writes, “It was almost invisible on a small brown branch, but as it moved to a green leaf it stopped and posed for this ‘portrait.’

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Photo by Elyse Benavides


Elyse Benavides of Coram spied this blue jay with its favorite food, a peanut, in its beak outside her window on Aug. 13 and snapped this beautiful photo. According to the Wild Birds Unlimited website, blue jays will cache seeds and nuts to retrieve later, and make repeated trips to feeders to gather food and hide it in a safe spot. Research studies have recorded blue jays making over 1,000 trips per day when hiding food, earning them the nickname ‘the Caching Extraordinaire.’