Three Village Student Art and Technology Fair a success

Three Village Student Art and Technology Fair a success

By Katherine Kelton

The annual Three Village Student Art and Technology Fair featuring hundreds of works from local K-12 students was held Saturday, March 16, at Hilton Garden Inn in Stony Brook.

“During 2020 we all went on lockdown,” said Jennifer Trettner, head of the Three Village Central School District art department and coordinator of the event. “I had made arrangements to start having our show here. It’s a bigger space than where we used to have it. And then, of course, we couldn’t have the show for the next two years. Last year was our first year here, and it truly is a wonderful space. We love having a partnership with the campus here.” 

Hundreds of people filed into the venue to view the exhibits. Students from the technology and art classes of Three Village school district showcased different pieces and projects. 

Raymond Lang, a junior at Ward Melville High School shared, “I think it’s important to show the diversity of the art department and Three Village and all of the different aspects of the programs that we have like graphic design, computer art, film and traditional painting, drawing, as well as photography.”

Lang contributed three of his own works with a theme of the influential women of his life. 

Other students displayed samples of their art portfolios, like senior Ashton Hopkins. “Well, my theme is about how people are remembered and what influence they leave on the world when they die,” he said.

For the students in the middle and elementary schools, teachers selected artwork to be showcased at the event. 

Seventh grader Gianna Inserra’s dimensional art piece was chosen for the show. However, for her, the art show is special not only to see her art but also to find inspiration. “Seeing other people’s artwork can inspire me what to do next,” Gianna said.

For teachers in the two departments, Saturday was a special day for a lot of different reasons. Maria Maritato, Gelinas Junior High School art teacher, said, “It’s so amazing as an art teacher to see our students bloom from elementary to high school.”

The TVCSD technology department is also an integral part of the event, Gelinas technology teacher Dean Kostis explained. “Whenever we do anything in technology we try to do our research, then our design, then we make the product and then we assess it,” he said. 

The acting principal of Ward Melville High School, Paul Gold, also attended. “I think that Three Village goes above and beyond to meet the needs of all learners,” he said. “For those students who are passionate about art technology and design, it’s in our hallways at Three Village that these students can be successful and thrive.”

According to Gold and Trettner, the event was a major success for the school district, also the art and technology departments.