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Scenes from the annual Art in the Park fair on Sunday, Aug. 13. Photos by Sabrina Artusa

By Sabrina Artusa

At Village of Northport Park Sunday, Aug. 13, with a view of the water, art lovers from across Long Island gathered to enjoy everything from photography to poetry readings. 

The annual Art in the Park fair, organized by the nonprofit Northport Arts Coalition, started at 10 a.m. and ran until 5 p.m. As patrons walked through the lines of stalls — perhaps stopping to admire watercolor landscapes or handmade wooden spoons — poets, musicians and dancers performed in the center of the park in front of a gazebo. 

Patrice Golde, a Melville resident, wasn’t planning on going to the fair. But, she said, the experience is one of the reasons she loves her community. 

“It cannot be a more picture-perfect town,” she said as she left a poetry stall. “This is like hanging out.”

According to artists and patrons, Northport has established itself as a place that embraces the arts. Photographer Frank D’Agostino said he often drives to Northport to shoot in the mornings and that he appreciates the “artsy town.” In fact, one of the high-resolution photographs hanging in his stall was of Northport Park. 

Photographer John Lazzaro, who was exhibiting pictures of abandoned buildings across New York, noted how the festival provides a sense of place and belonging to local artists.

“Northport is a pretty vibrant community,” he said. “There’s a lot of people out and about.” Lazzaro has also been involved in NAC’s annual Northport ArtWalk, another event in which local businesses lend their shops to artists and musicians. 

Many artists honed their crafts during Sunday’s festivities. One poet read a poem she wrote only the night before. Others were sitting in front of their tables, working on new pieces while talking to intrigued customers and visitors.

Artistic conversation, or “creative chit chat,” as photographer Frank Murray put it, could be heard at almost every stall among patrons and artists alike. 

Poet and musician Bruce Pandolfo particularly relies on this chit chat in creating his art — poetry on any topic the customer chooses. He finds his particular process of creating “so collaborative” — “an experience together” with the customer — that he allows the customer to choose how much they pay for his poems.

Artists, too, help each other in creating. One writer and publisher, who goes by Mankh, was at the fair not only promoting his own work but also those of others. In fact, one performer’s book of poetry was published by Mankh, who said he loves that his art has “put him on a path toward helping other people.” 

For many artists, the fair was the perfect opportunity to bring their work more exposure. Owner of PM Jewelry by AM, Allison Mack, said her “mystical and magical jewelry” is a hobby she is trying to turn into a business. 

The executive director of NAC, Amy Connor, said she believes “in bringing art into the community.” Secretary and poetry coordinator, Linda Trott Dickman, said she got involved because she “wanted to promote good poetry and make it fun.”

NAC’s other programs include music performances every Friday until Sept. 1, poetry readings on the last Friday of every month and more, which can be found on the website www.northportarts.org/programs.

Photos by John Cardone
Over 20 framed waterscape & wildlife photographs on display and for sale

By Susan Peragallo

When stepping into the Daniel Gale Sotheby’s office of Northport, to focus on the photographs by John P. Cardone is to be transported into our natural world. One can almost hear the wind rustling in the trees and the crickets creating their musical rhythms as you walk around the room. John says that he tries “to capture the beauty and spiritual magnificence of nature… a moment in time through unique natural setting and the amazing personalities of wildlife.” The subjects include hummingbirds, egrets, owls, eagles, and moose – to name just a few! In Sprague Lake at Dusk, moose are seen taking an evening sip of water, the lake reflecting the magnificent colors of the setting sun, bringing the viewer to a peaceful, tranquil vista.

Most of these amazing photographic captures were taken by John while kayaking and hiking on Long Island. But not only do these photographs capture the beauty and peace of nature, they are also wonderfully composed. This is especially true of Egret in Darkness: the soft white curves of the the egrets neck echo the angular white and gray tree branch beside it. In Frog Swimming, the frog is popping it’s head up in the water, it’s large eye repeating the circular ripples in the cool green water. Eagle Looking Down is another example of John’s sensitivity to form and composition. The eagle’s horizontal body mimics the tree branch it stands on, while it’s head and beak point downward, just as a branch below points down. These captured repetitions of line and form create wonderful compositions and add to the sense of peace and tranquility that John strives to communicate.

There are also captured moments of humor. In Amazing Turtle Pose, one can almost hear the turtle saying “I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille!” as the turtle coyly turns it’s head and smiles! In a moment of tenderness, Swan Portrait shows the swan’s neck bent back over it’s body, which forms a soft pillow for it’s head.

We can all use a moment to escape into nature and John P. Cardone has provided us with a perfect opportunity!

Author Susan Peragallo is the Gallery Coordinator and Curator Jeanie Tengelsen Gallery, Art League of Long Island in Dix Hills

The Northport Arts Coalition presents Nature Photography by Long Island Author/Photographer John P. Cardone at Daniel Gale Sotheby’s International Realty, 77 Main St., Northport through October 5. The show is free and open to the public during office hours. All artwork is on sale. For more information, call 631-754-3400.


By Dan Woulfin

Artists, dancers, musicians and art enthusiasts from across Long Island gathered at Northport Village’s waterfront park for the Northport Art Coalition’s annual Art in the Park Festival on Saturday, July 11.

Festivalgoers browsed artist wares, watched performances from the Inner Spirit yoga center and dance and fitness center, and listened to local musicians. Children also had a chance to create their own paintings at a special workshop area.

Featuring two nationally recognized groups in folk music and an open mic filled with 10 local singer-songwriters, the Northport Arts Coalition’s StarLight Concert Series ended its season with a bang on Friday.

A packed house was captivated by the intertwined harmonies of singer-songwriters Chuck E. Costa and Mira Stanley of The Sea and the Sea and the old time up-tempo music of Jan Bell and the Maybelles, a cornerstone in the Brooklyn folk and country scene.