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30th annual Scarecrow Competition

First place winner of the adult and family category. Photo from WMHO

On October 30, the Ward Melville Heritage Organization (WMHO) hosted a Zoom meeting to announce the winners of the 30th Annual Scarecrow Competition.


Over 45 scarecrows lined the walkways of Stony Brook Village in October as the public voted for their favorites to receive cash prizes in three categories, a total of eight winners.

In the Previous Winners and Professionals Category, the Groomery came in second place and Mr. and Mrs. SpongeBob came in first place.

In the Adult and Family Category, there were three winners. In third place, Space Cadet, in second place, Harmony, and in first place, GRIMM.

In the Children’s Category there were also three winners. In third place, Baby Shark, in second place Chicken Love, and in first place, SpongeBob SquarePants.

To learn more about Ward Melville Heritage Organization and other upcoming events, including the 2020 Holiday Tree Competition, call 631-751-2244 or visit www.stonybrookvillage.com.

Photo from WMHO

The Ward Melville Heritage Organization is currently accepting submissions for its annual Scarecrow Competition. This will be the 30th year the spooky and silly six-foot creations will adorn the pathways of picturesque Stony Brook Village Center for visitors to enjoy and vote for their favorite.  

Registration for this event is required. You can pick up a registration form at any of the shops in Stony Brook Village, or you can download it digitally from the events section of the Stony Brook Village Center website. To enter this competition, please return the completed registration form to The Ward Melville Heritage Organization, P.O. Box 572, Stony Brook, NY 11790, with the entry fee of $25 by Sept. 25. There is an early bird entry rate of $20 for all entries sent in before Aug. 31.

Ballots will be available in shops and restaurants at the Stony Brook Village Center from Oct. 1 and 26. Categories are divided into Previous 1st place winner/Professional, Adult/Family and Children’s. The winners will be announced virtually on Oct. 30.

For full information on this and other Stony Brook Village events, call 631-751-2244 or visit www.stonybrookvillage.com.