Endorsement: Palumbo gets the nod (with a caveat)

Endorsement: Palumbo gets the nod (with a caveat)

Above, state Sen. Anthony Palumbo (R-New Suffolk). Photo by Raymond Janis

In New York’s 1st state Senate District, an enlightening policy debate has been ongoing between the two major party nominees. TBR News Media will support incumbent state Sen. Anthony Palumbo in that race.

Palumbo’s experience in Albany impressed us. Despite being a member of the legislative minority, he has wielded his power successfully, getting several necessary measures signed into law. As a token of their appreciation for his service, voters should give him a vote of confidence this November.

This endorsement is not without conditions, however. Some have criticized Palumbo, a resident of the East End, for not being more accessible in the western parts of his district. 

Constituents want to see their representatives at community events, civic meetings and other forums, not just during election season. As District 1 has shifted due to redistricting, we look forward to seeing more of Palumbo in this neck of the woods.

As for his opponent, Skyler Johnson is a remarkable young man. His intellect, knowledge of the issues and dedication moved us. Johnson will be a leader in this community in the coming years. When he gets his shot, we know he will accomplish incredible feats eventually. When he does, our community will benefit immensely from his service.

In the meantime, we will stand behind the incumbent for this cycle. This November, the staff of TBR News Media endorses state Sen. Anthony Palumbo’s campaign for reelection.