We asked our readers to share some memories of their mothers, just in time for Mother’s Day! Here are some of the responses:

The Recipe for the Perfect Mom

Robin Lemkin

Around the kitchen table is where we feel most at home. When we think of our mom Robin Lemkin, we think about all the love and time she pours into making a delicious home-cooked meal and making time for family. Our mom has always valued the importance of a family dinner and making sure we all sat together as one happy unit. Our mom always feels a sense of calm when she crafts a new recipe and is always eager to share it with us. So much so, that she has enabled that knack for love of the kitchen in the two of us. And for that, we say thank you and compliments to the chef! We love you, Mom! Happy Mother’s Day. 

      — Love, Hayley Lemkin and Meredith Lemkin, East Setauket

Diane Werner

My mother Diane Werner was a warrior who loved unconditionally, taught her students with undeniable passion, and told it like she saw it. She was the best role model a girl could have, and her presence is felt in everything I teach my daughter. We miss her every day.

Stefanie Werner, East Setauket





Irene Lechner

My mother Irene Lechner is the most special person in my life. I greatly admire her strength, integrity and work ethic. She is my rock, my protector, my compass in life, my best friend, and my personal life coach and daily therapist. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She loves animals, especially cats and supports many no kill shelters. My mom also has a great love for adventure, specifically roller coasters; the scarier the better! I’m forever thankful she is my mother.

Kathleen Gobos, Holbrook




Me and my mom Geraldine and I were both hard working scholars. She rode horses with my dad and went out on sailing trips with the family. She supported my sports play for a more balanced education. She was from Brooklyn and met my dad in Miller Place. They were married for 52 years raising 4 kids in Stony Brook. When we talked about the issues we always looked for a positive outcome. She passed on in 2002 with my dad, but her legacy will live forever.

John Whitton