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Pamela Murphy

Photo by Pamela Murphy


Pamela Murphy took this photo at West Meadow Beach in her hometown of Stony Brook on Aug. 20. She writes, “I was impressed with the strength of someone I saw swimming against the current trailing a swim buoy as I’m a swimmer myself. Racing along with the swimmer was a boy on the shoreline. The seagulls overhead appeared to be calling the race! I reflected how it’s always a unique experience at our beautiful beach.”

Photo by Pamela Murphy


Pamela Murphy of Stony Brook snapped this photo at Stony Brook Harbor on August 1. She writes, “While walking at the harbor as the sun was beginning to set, I was able to capture a moment when the saturation of colors between the flowers and sky was magnificent. I was reminded how fortunate we are to live in a community that offers many beautiful venues as a respite from the challenging times we find ourselves in.”

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Pamela Murphy of Stony Brook took this serene sunset picture at West Meadow Beach on Aug. 5 on her iPhone. She writes, “I never tire of gazing and capturing on film the sunsets we are privileged to enjoy at this jewel in our community. The brilliant saturation of colors, in addition to the way the sun was reflecting on the water leading right up to the shoreline, was beautiful to behold.”

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