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BEACH FUN Jay Gao captured this gorgeous image on July 29 at West Meadow Beach in his hometown of Stony Brook using a Nikon D750 camera. He writes, ‘It had been cloudy all day long. After dinner, I heard from the TV that the sun would be out and sunset would be beautiful. At once, I grabbed my camera and headed to the beach.’

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FOR YOUR EYES ONLY Jay Gao of Stony Brook snapped this photo of a rabbit looking longingly at the ‘forbidden fruit’ growing in Gao’s backyard garden on July 6 using a Nikon D5500. Writes Gao, “It is a small flower garden growing ice plants, morning glories, day lilies, hardy glads and a favorite among rabbits, dahlias.”

SUNSET AT STONY BROOK HARBOR Stony Brook resident Jay Gao captured this image at Stony Brook Harbor on Feb. 24 using a Nikon D750. He writes, ‘The harbor is one of my favorite places to visit. This picture was taken at 5:30 p.m., when many geese were leaving the harbor.

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