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Jay Gao recently snapped this unique photo of a large gazing ball, an art installation called The Sphere, at Avalon Park & Preserve’s wildflower field in his hometown of Stony Brook using a Nikon D750. 

Fun fact: Bavaria’s King Ludwig II loved gazing balls so much he had them produced in many sizes to be hung in trees, floated in ponds and displayed atop ornate pedestals around his Herrenchiemsee palace. King Ludwig’s obsession led to the use of glass baubles as Christmas tree ornaments.

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This article was updated on Sept. 19.

Photo by Jay Gao

We have a winner!

Congratulations to Jaimie Lane of Selden for being the winner of our latest Caption This! photo contest. Jaimie’s creative caption, “No, you ask him to refill the bird feeder …,” beat out the competition to win a family four-pack to see “Shrek The Musical” at the John W. Engeman Theater. Congratulations and thanks to all who participated in our contest. Special thanks to the John W. Engeman Theater, 250 Main St., Northport for being our sponsor. Be sure to look out for our next Caption This! photo contest in the near future.

Photo by Jay Gao

Jay Gao of Stony Brook captured this photo in his backyard on July 15 using a Nikon D5500. He writes, “It was in the late afternoon when we noticed these two squirrels were playing around on the  ground. Had just enough time to grab my camera and to take a couple shots before they disappeared into pine trees.”

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Jay Gao of Stony Brook captured this stunning image on the morning of Jan. 30 using a Nikon 5500 camera. He writes, ‘It was snowing heavily this morning. While shooting the cardinal taking  shelter under the bush in my backyard, a white-throated sparrow flew into  view and I fired the camera instantly.’

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CURIOUS ORIOLE Stony Brook resident Jay Gao captured this image of a Baltimore oriole in his backyard garden over the summer using a Nikon D5500. This songbird has most likely already migrated to its wintering grounds, which include Florida, the Caribbean, Central America and the northern tip of South America.

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