Shelter Pets of the Week: Disco, Beignet and Sally!

Shelter Pets of the Week: Disco, Beignet and Sally!

Beignet and Disco

Meet Disco, Beignet and Sally!

These three magnificent kitties are all approaching their first birthday and anniversary at the Smithtown Animal Shelter. These stunning fur babies were overlooked as their littermates were adopted last year. The time has come for each one of them to find the perfect home while they are still kittens.



Disco; a ten month old domestic short hair boy, adorning a stunning tabby and white coat, will boogie his way right into your heart like a Studio 54 classic hit. His big green gemstone eyes are absolutely captivating. Disco was found as a baby, together with his sister in a feral colony last fall. He will not hesitate to introduce himself at first. It may require a little patience and understanding before he lets you give him a good petting. However, once Disco warms up to you, his playfulness and entertainment value are off the charts! Disco would be best suited in a quiet home with other cats, possibly dogs but not young children.

Beignet (in front)

Beignet is a bewitching beauty that will surely win any kitten lover over! This short haired domestic female was found in a large colony of other kittens and cats and is about to turn one years old in May. Her litter was all very shy and timid upon rescue. Beautiful Beignet has slowly learned to trust people, but remains lady-like and reserved. A little time and patience for her to warm up to new faces is all it takes to receive endless affection and purrs. Beignet is playful, gets along well with other cats and would do best in a quiet home with older children and possibly dogs.


Sally is simply gorgeous! This domestic short-hair gal has unique tortoise shell coloring and is about to reach her first birthday in May. Sally and her brother were rescued as part of our TNR program (Trap Neuter Return). This little lady is quite the observer, preferring to take it all in rather than interact with people. A lot of love, patience and understanding will go a long way with this sweet fur baby.  Sally gets along very nicely with other cats. She would be best suited in a quiet home, other cats, possibly with dogs, but no young children.

If you are interested in meeting Disco, Sally or Beignet please fill out an application to schedule time to properly interact with your prospective soul mate in a domestic setting.

The Town of Smithtown Animal & Adoption Shelter is located at 410 Middle Country Road, Smithtown. Visitor hours are Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Sundays and Wednesday evenings by appointment only). For more information, call 631-360-7575 or visit

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Foster Opportunity:

If you have no other pets or young children at home, and are looking for a way to serve your community, please consider signing up to be a foster. Foster parents provide temporary care for cats, kittens, and dogs in their own homes. Some animals need as little as two weeks of care, while others may need care for extended periods of time.

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