Shelter Pet of the Week: Betty Boop

Shelter Pet of the Week: Betty Boop

Betty Boop


This week’s shelter pet is an eight-year-old female pit bull terrier mix named Betty Boop, currently waiting at the Smithtown Animal Shelter for a family to adopt her. Named after the iconic cartoon diva (who was originally designed as a dog), Miss Boop can’t get enough of people, and volunteers at the shelter can’t get enough of her! 

This ball of love was brought in to the shelter by a good samaritan who found her looking lost at a nearby train station. It was quickly discovered how attached she gets to everyone when she cried watching the good samaritan leave. She doesn’t like to see any of her new friends go!

Betty Boop is the perfect combination of calm, affectionate, and sweet all rolled into a 70 pound ball of love. Her eyes say it all; she oozes love and adoration for every new person she meets. While she’s great with children, she would prefer to be the only pet in her home.

*Due to the health risk presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be limited public access to the shelter. If you are interested in meeting Betty Boop please fill out an adoption application online at

The Smithtown Animal & Adoption Shelter is located at 410 Middle Country Road, Smithtown. For more information, call 631-360-7575.