Port Jefferson Station home cook awarded blue ribbon

Port Jefferson Station home cook awarded blue ribbon

Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Apple

Congratulations to Susan McGreevy  of Port Jefferson Station who was recently awarded a Blue Ribbon by Just A Pinch Recipes for her Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Apple recipe. 

To land the award, McGreevy served up a full-flavored dish that was both tasty and easy to prepare. “Not too many people like Brussels sprouts, but I happen to love them. I have made a believer out of them with this recipe. I always make it for Thanksgiving and other special dinners,” she said.

The recipe was tested by the Just A Pinch Test Kitchen who released the following testing notes: “If someone says they don’t like Brussels sprouts, have them try this recipe. Frying the bacon and then baking them in the bacon renderings adds a nice smoky flavor to the sprouts. After they bake, the outside layer gets crispy, and the inside is soft. Adding the apples gives a hint of sweetness, while vinegar balances out the flavors with some acidity. Topping them with crumbled bacon is a perfect finale for the side dish.” Find her recipe here.

McGreevy is one of millions of other home cooks from across the country and worldwide sharing their recipes on www.justapinch.com. Founded in 2010, the site allows users to post their own “family tested and approved” recipes and try recipes submitted by others, use a menu calendar and grocery list, create custom cookbooks, print hundreds of grocery coupons, enter recipe contests and join discussion groups.