Hauppauge students present civic readiness projects to promote positive change

Hauppauge students present civic readiness projects to promote positive change

From left, Hauppauge High School seniors Vivian Derby, Melissa O’Connor and Jennifer Battaglia present their civic capstone project on the possibility of having off-campus lunch. Photo courtesy of Hauppauge School District

Hauppauge High School’s senior participation in government classes presented civic capstone projects, developing presentations around changes they would like to see in Hauppauge schools as part of their work toward earning the New York State Seal of Civic Readiness.

Students in Mr. Matura’s and Ms. Burkhard’s classes were tasked with selecting an issue that they were passionate about, aiming to bring positive change and improvement to their high school community. The process involved research, collaborative efforts within their groups and the creation of impactful presentations. The students invited members of the high school staff, administration and central office team to listen to their proposals for change and engage in dialogue. 

“From identifying critical issues to proposing thoughtful solutions, our students have demonstrated a level of civic responsibility that is truly commendable,” Matura said. 

“The presentations were informative and reflective of the students’ deep commitment to civic engagement,” said Director of Social Studies and World Languages Kelly Barry. “This assignment focuses more on the process than the outcome. It teaches our students to consider multiple viewpoints and gain an understanding of various perspectives on an issue. These skills will help our students succeed in any path they choose after graduation. We are proud of all of them. I am grateful for their teachers’ dedication to preparing them, guiding them through the process and teaching them how to advocate for positive change in the school community and beyond. We are incredibly grateful for the support and participation of our superintendent, Donald Murphy, and members of our central office team, as well as all of the administrators and teachers who took the time to listen to the student presentations.”