On May 1, Avalon Nature Preserve, in conjunction with the Village of the Head of the Harbor, hosted a special event in honor of Arbor Day. 

Judy Ogden shows visitors the proper way to plant a bare root sapling. Photo by Heidi Sutton

Visitors to the Preserve were invited to participate in a garden workshop led by Judy Ogden, Trustee and Highway Commissioner for the Village of the Head of the Harbor and owner of Ogden’s Design and Plantings in St. James. All were given a bare root sapling to take home and plant in their yard. 

Ogden spoke of the importance of planting native Long Island trees, and demonstrated how to properly plant and care for a young tree. Attendees were able to choose either an American Witch Hazel or Eastern Redbud sapling to take home, courtesy of the Village of the Head of the Harbor, a Tree City, U.S.A. These two types of understory trees provide many environmental benefits including attracting honeybees, providing seeds for birds and serving as host plants for butterfly larvae.