In a show of appreciation for its service to the community during the COVID19 pandemic, the Radio Central Amateur Radio Club (RCARC) recently presented a $1,000 donation to St. Charles Hospital in Port Jefferson.

“We are grateful for the tireless hours put in by not only St. Charles doctors and nurses, but also by all of the medical support staff, facility personnel, security officers and the multitude of people needed to keep the hospital running smoothly,” said Radio Central’s president, Neil Heft. He explained that the group “wanted to do something more than just putting up a thank you sign, so we took up a collection from our forty members who live in the community.”

In a brief ceremony on October 16th, Heft accompanied by RCARC vice-president Richie Fisher and board member Frank Mazovec presented the donation to Lisa Mulvey, Executive Director of the St. Charles Hospital Foundation, and Marilyn Fabbricante, St. Charles Hospital’s Director of Public and Community Relations.

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The Radio Central Amateur Radio Club (RCARC) was formed in 1977 by a group of Amateur Radio operators to commemorate the enormous contributions to communications made by RCA’s Radio Central transmitting facility established in Rocky Point, NY. In 1921 as the world’s largest, most powerful transmitting facility, sending messages to land stations and ships at sea around the globe. More information on RCARC can be found at: Information about Amateur Radio can be found at: