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Above image by Chloe S.

R.C. Murphy Junior High School students in Stony Brook are exploring the history of animation and its basic principles as part of their participation in the buildings’ art and amination class, which is taught by art teacher Brian Baker. 

Above image by Chloe S.
Above image by Morganne P.

To date this year, the students have worked hard to create different animated projects. They made thaumatropes to illustrate a simple two step action or change between two related images. Each picture was drawn and attached to a circular disc. When spun at a certain speed, each picture blends into the other, creating the illusion of movement. 

Students also worked on making digital flip books. They first used note cards to create the different pictures needed for their animation. After they finished drawing, they used a registration to line each image up in their camera. After shooting their photos, students used the google slide program to make a digital version of their flipbook.

Finally, students have recently completed different designs for original cartoon characters that they will be using to create Disney Studios style cell animation. 

Images courtesy of the Three Village Central School District