Selden Cat Café, Animal Shelter Closes

Selden Cat Café, Animal Shelter Closes

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Jennifer Sinz (middle) with two volunteers at her rescue before it closed. Photo from Sinz

By Chris Cumella

While pet services have managed to thrive during times of needed companionship, others have seen heavier tribulation due to the coronavirus crisis.

Reflecting on their beginning back in 2017, Jennifer Sinz, owner of AllAboutPets, a nonprofit animal rescue organization, and Kitten Kadoodle Coffee Café, prepares to close a chapter of her legacy.

“We had to close our affiliated cat café a few months ago at the beginning of November,” Sinz said. “I thought we could continue with the rescue, but my landlord changed his mind about lease prices and kept raising them.”

She and the organizations had to decide whether to stay or not before their landlord’s deadline in November — Sinz chose the latter.

Kitten Kadoodle and AllAboutPets subsist on volunteers only — there is no staff working for pay, but rather only for the animals’ affection and the reassurance of finding safety and homes for their furry friends.

The café offers an ambiance of several different cats roaming around the premises. The customers are encouraged to interact with them, as they enjoy lunches, coffee and other other flavored shakes such as cookies n’ cream, peanut butter, coffee, caramel, mint chocolate chip and classics, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

COVID-19’s expansive reach has dwindled the number of volunteers attending both services from dozens to only one or two a day, according to Sinz.

In preparation for closing, Sinz said AllAboutPets has managed to find homes for most of their animals. The bunnies, ducks and chickens have been adopted out, in addition to all the dogs in the fall. All that remains are a few of the kittens that Sinz said she plans to take if they cannot get them adopted.

Until next year, Sinz will return to foster-home-based sheltering and past and current volunteers of the organization.

She reflected a sense of resilience and hope in knowing that many rescues had to close their doors due to COVID. Still, they would not add themselves to the statistic yet.

Aside from finding chickens and roosters that were abandoned along the sides of roads during May and June, Sinz’s proudest moment was taking in five mother cats that were dumped in the same block. She brought all five cats and their litter back to the shelter at the same time.

“We never gave up with rescuing,” she said. “When so many other people struggled, we took them in.”

Customer Natalie Fronatic said it’s hard to pick a single fond memory of the rescue and of the café.

“Every moment I have spent at the cafe getting to know all the cats and the owners of the cafe have been wonderful and amazing,” she said. “Jennifer loves all the animals in her care, and she tries so hard to get them all their forever homes. She has done so much for them.”

April Zabinsky, a customer and volunteer, said so many animals were able to find incredible homes in the short time the cafe was open.

“Its closing will certainly leave a void in the community and in my life,” she said.