Hospitalizations Decline, County Preparing to Open Beaches Next Weekend

Hospitalizations Decline, County Preparing to Open Beaches Next Weekend

Suffolk County has had difficulties coming up with PPE devices during the ongoing pandemic. Stock photo

Suffolk County continues its steady daily decline in hospitalizations from COVID-19, with 26 fewer hospital beds occupied with patients who have the virus, dropping the total through Friday to 513.

At the same time, the number of people in the Intensive Care Unit rose by 10 to 186 through May 15, the most recent day for which the county has data.

Hospital bed capacity remains close to 70 percent, a target metric for reopening the economy.

In the last 24 hours, 42 people have left the hospital, continuing their recovery at home.

The number of people who have died continues to climb. In the last day, 15 people died from complications related to the pandemic, bringing the total to 1,748. Suffolk County accounts for 7.7 percent of the total deaths in New York State from the virus, which is the same figure the county represents in the total population of the state.

Over the last 24 hours, the county has distributed 74,000 pieces of personal protective equipment, bringing the total to 5 million since the pandemic began.

With the Memorial Day Weekend approaching next week, the county is preparing to open Smith Point and Cupsogue. County Executive Steve Bellone (D) said the beaches would have a beefed up staff, which will help people as they are entering the beach to understand protools and the new ways the beach is operating.

When residents are on the beach and socially distanced, they won’t have to wear masks, but when they go to public facilities, like the rest room, they will need to wear face coverings.

The county will have attendants cleaning the bathrooms on a continual basis. The staff will wear appropriate face coverings. Anyone working at the beaches will have their temperature taken each day.

When the beaches reach capacity, the parking lots will close until some residents create openings for additional guests.