Endorsement: Giglio blends business sense and sound policymaking

Endorsement: Giglio blends business sense and sound policymaking

Above, state Assemblywoman Jodi Giglio (R-Riverhead). Photo by Rita J. Egan

In this year’s contest for New York’s 2nd Assembly District, the staff of TBR News Media supports incumbent Jodi Giglio’s bid for reelection.

In our interview with Giglio, she detailed the lessons she learned from the private sector. Throughout the conversation with her, it was clear she applied those principles to her work in Albany.

Politicians today often use trendy buzzwords and inflammatory rhetoric to score political points. Giglio, however, seemed most interested in the mundane, though critical, matters to our community — potholes on streets and roadways, waste removal and promoting manufacturing, among others.

As a businesswoman, she can view these problems differently than others, applying her professional experiences to develop innovative solutions.

New Yorkers should keep their sights set on the issues that matter. They should not give in to the entrapments of partisans and ideologues, whose words and ploys can distract us from voting for our own interests. 

Giglio’s no-nonsense brand of politics makes sense for Albany. This November, she has our endorsement.