Brookhaven Highway Department completes installation of sidewalk along West Meadow Beach Road

Brookhaven Highway Department completes installation of sidewalk along West Meadow Beach Road

Photo from Town of Brookhaven

Brookhaven Town Highway Superintendent Daniel P. Losquadro, Supervisor Ed Romaine and Councilmember Jonathan Kornreich joined with residents and community members for the ribbon-cutting of a new sidewalk installed along West Meadow Road and Trustees Road from Mt Grey Road to the entrance of West Meadow Beach. Funding for this project, which cost approximately $283,000, was fully covered by a grant from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

“This half-mile stretch of roadway is heavily traversed with traffic to and from the beach,” said Superintendent Losquadro. “Pedestrians, bicyclists, lifeguards, and residents can now feel safer accessing West Meadow Beach along the new sidewalk.”

Supervisor Romaine said, “West Meadow Beach is a popular destination for pedestrians all year round and now a walk down Trustees Road is much safer than before. I thank Superintendent Losquadro and the men and women of the Highway Department for making the improvements to our infrastructure that will have a lasting impact for years to come.”

Councilmember Kornreich said, “It was truly an honor to be able to take part in making our community a safer place for our residents. I am so thankful to those who were able to contribute their time and effort to this project. My team and I will continue to work hard to ensure the safety and well-being of our residents. I would like to encourage everyone to take a walk down Trustees Road toward West Meadow Beach to have an opportunity to relax and appreciate the value in our community.”

Annemarie Waugh of Sidewalks for Safety said, “A huge thanks to Edward Romaine, Daniel Losquadro, and Jonathan Kornreich for taking a critical step in making Setauket a safer place for pedestrian safety and healthy lifestyles. As a result of their efforts, this highly-trafficked section of West Meadow Road now allows walkers and runners to safely access West Meadow Beach and Trustees Road.”