Your ‘Culper Spy Adventure’ awaits!

Your ‘Culper Spy Adventure’ awaits!

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An interactive historical experience powered by TBR News Media

George Overin as Caleb Brewster. Production still from Circadian Studios and TBR News Media

By Alecsa Kazenas

The “Culper Spy Adventure,” a special presentation by TBR News Media, is an immersive digital attraction that will allow locals and tourists alike to be recruited into the ranks of General Washington’s secret Setauket spy ring. Accessed by scanning a special QR code on a panel of the Three Village map due out later this summer, you will begin an interactive 45-minute journey that puts you into the starring role of your very own secret spy adventure!

Become a time traveler as you arrive in the year 1780, crossing paths with legends and heroes: Abraham Woodhull, Anna Smith Strong, Caleb Brewster, George Washington himself! Enjoy interactive games between each episode that are filled to the brim with intrigue, action and fun! Created with the whole family in mind, the “Culper Spy Adventure” is great for all ages. We are also offering a special American Sign Language version as well a handicap-accessible edition! Join the revolution later this summer!

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with George Overin who plays Caleb Brewster in this interactive journey.

Tell us a little bit about Caleb Brewster. Who was he?

Caleb was a former whaler who didn’t like a humdrum life. He was an adventure seeker! He was his own man. He wouldn’t wear a uniform while serving his country and would fire at the British whenever he could. Being a trained whale boat captain, he could pilot his boat out of reach of the British guns quickly and safely. Though they wanted to capture him, the British never could.

What is your favorite memory from filming the “Culper Spy Adventure”?

Working with this wonderful cast and crew has been a joy that I will always remember! We all helped each other. Whether with character development or with something technical. The whole filming process has been a treat! Every scene I was involved in, every cast member I worked with, every direction given, everything just seemed to come together perfectly. Like it was meant to be. I hope we’ll be filming more in the near future!

What was it like bringing a character back to life two centuries after his death?

This was an honor for me! Growing up, I never even heard of a Long Island spy ring during the Revolutionary War. When I was approached by Michael Tessler about filming the “Culper Spy Adventure,” I knew I had to find out who Caleb Brewster was. I had gotten three books about the spy ring to read,watched the first season of “Turn” and attended a lecture on the subject. While I still only feel like I’ve just scratched the surface, I was able to start to “feel” Caleb. I will be looking for information on him for as long as I play him.

What do you think Caleb Brewster would think of this project?

I truly think Caleb would be proud of the efforts made. I’m sure he’d take me aside to discuss how he did what he did. Wouldn’t THAT be a great class to sit in on! When the Revolutionary War ended, the Culper Spy Ring just kind of dissolved. Everybody went their own way. Nobody really discussed what they did and the parts they played to help win the war. There were no parades or big honors given. If Caleb Brewster and the rest of the group could be here and see their history, their lives being exalted today, I believe they would be pleased. They would be modest and maybe a little embarrassed. After all, they were serving a Great Cause! And they all had the hearts to do what they did!