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Town of Huntington Supervisor Ed Smyth, Receiver of Taxes Jillian Guthman and Town officials were joined by Covanta and local students to plant 200 donated trees at Koster Park in Huntington Station for Arbor Day on April 29. 

“It is so important to maintain our tree canopy; it adds shade, which reduces the need for artificial cooling, and it filters stormwater runoff to stop contaminants from entering our water supply,” said Supervisor Ed Smyth. “Thank you to Covanta and our anonymous donor, as well as the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and Huntington High School honor students for your dedication to preserving our green space, this is our largest Arbor Day turnout yet!” 

“I’m proud to celebrate Arbor Day with Supervisor Smyth, many of our local Scouts, students and Covanta with the planting of trees at Koster Park, one of the many hidden jewels of Huntington,” said Receiver of Taxes Jillian Guthman. 

“We are once again delighted to partner with the Town of Huntington and Supervisor Smyth to plant trees in honor of Arbor Day.  Initiatives like this one are so important to preserving Long Island’s natural resources. We are grateful to our municipal leaders for joining with us as great environmental stewards,” said Maureen Early, Senior Community Affairs Specialist for Covanta. Joining the event from Covanta were Asset Manager Dawn Harmon and Shari Kleinman from the Covanta Huntington Facility. 

Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and students from the Huntington High School Honor Society helped plant bare root saplings at the park. 

“Members of the Girl Scouts of South Huntington are honored to be a part of the Town of Huntington Arbor Daytree planting at Koster Park. The girls will expand their knowledge about caring for the environment, using resources wisely and making the world a better place,” said Catherine Galli, Coordinator for Girl Scouts Service Unit 12 in South Huntington, who was joined by Troop Leaders Christine Reilly, Bonnie Millman, Kristie Mondo, LeeAnne Ramirez and Wendy Aull with Girl Scouts from Service Unit 12, including Junior Troop 161, Daisy Troop 32 and 74, and Brownie Troop 703 to help plant bare root saplings.  

Boy Scouts Troop 34 Scoutmaster Mike Fasciano and Assistant Scoutmaster Dominic Dutton were joined by Boy Scouts from Troop 34 for the tree planting.  

“The Cub Scouts are all about having fun with a purpose,” said Scott Wallick, Cubmaster for Pack 406 of South Huntington. “There is a reason for everything our boys and girls do in Cub Scouting, and today’s events will help them ‘think globally’ and ‘act locally’ to preserve and improve our environment. We are grateful to have been a part of the Town of Huntington’s Arbor Day tree planting.” Cub Scouts Pack 406 Assistant Pack Leader Jennifer Rodriguez was joined by Cub Scouts from Pack 406 to plant trees at the event. 

Joining the event from the Town’s Department of Planning and Environment to teach the students about the trees and demonstrate how to plant the bare root saplings were Christian Granelli, Elana Israel-Edgar, Dave Kaufman and Vincent Cerniglia.  

 From the Department of Parks and Recreation, Director Todd Jamison and Deputy Director Walter Edwards joined the event with Town Volunteer Parks Stewards David Lesser and Christopher Zonin. 

The ceremony involved the planting of a Caliper Pin Oak donated by Covanta and 200 additional bare root saplings consisting of 25 each of Flowering Dogwood, Highbush Cranberry, Buttonbush, Ninebark, Black Chokeberry, Virginia Rose, Witch Hazel, and Winterberry donated anonymously to the Town of Huntington to commemorate Arbor Day; the Town Board accepted the donations at their April 12 meeting.