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Mother’s Day contest Times Beacon Record News Media

Charles Jantzen of Setauket with his mom Leah. Photo by Heidi Sutton

Thanks to all the children who entered Times Beacon Record News Media’s annual Mother’s Day contest. Congratulations to Kris, Tristan and Jamie Kozikowski of Port Jefferson, Charles Jantzen of Setauket and Jasmine Camilleri of Sound Beach for being this year’s winners and receiving a family-four pack of movie tickets to the Port Jefferson Cinemas in Port Jefferson Station. All other entries will be printed in Kids Times over the next few weeks. Happy Mother’s Day!


Moms are magnificent

Of an outstanding family

Trying to be more awesome

Helping me with homework

Enthusiastic about loving me

Ready for a challenge

By Jasmine Camilleri, age 10, Sound Beach


Mama is pure magic.

Of all the moms in the world, so glad she is mine.

Thank you mama for everything you do for me.

Happy hearted is my mama with our family!

Enchanted like a fairy is my mama.

Rainbows, unicorns and everything awesome reminds me of mama.

By Kris Kozikowski, age 6, Port Jefferson


Many years ago Mom carried me in her belly.

Once I was born, a big feeling of love came out with me.

To this day, she has taught me and fed me.

Halo’s are usually above her head, she is my angel-hero.

Easily she has extra love to go around between us 4.

Really, really, really and I’m not kidding, the best coolest mom ever!

By Tristan Kozikowski, age 8, Port Jefferson


Magic. My mom is pure magic.

One and only mother for me.

True like the sky.

Heroic like Super Mom.

Easy-going as easy can be.

Respectful. She is very respectful and real.

By Jamie Kozikowski, age 10, Port Jefferson








By Charles Jantzen, age 7, Setauket