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Linda Belmont

Richard and Linda Belmont with Councilmember Kornreich. Photo from TOB

Recently, Town of Brookhaven Councilmember Jonathan Kornreich presented a compost tumbler to Richard and Linda Belmont of Strongs Neck, winners of the Town of Brookhaven’s “Compost Tumbler Giveaway” from Council District 1.

The contest was held on the Town’s “CURBY Town of Brookhaven’s Recycling Can” Facebook page in honor of Earth Day. Residents pledged to reduce their waste in a variety of ways, such as bringing a reusable coffee mug or buying fresh food with little to no packaging. One winner was selected from each Town Council District.

Through its Green Energy and Sustainability Initiative, the Town has been “greening-up” its operations and facilities while saving taxpayer money by utilizing new, and more energy efficient technologies and renewable energy sources. All these efforts lower operation costs and reduce Town carbon emissions. By encouraging waste diversion through recycling and composting, the Town can further realize spending and emissions reductions.

For more information about recycling in the Town of Brookhaven, visit www.BrookhavenNY.gov.