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Gary Bolk

Garbage collected by volunteers on May 18. Photo courtesy Paul Sagliocca

By Samantha Rutt

In the spirit of the Town of Brookhaven’s annual Great Brookhaven Cleanup event, Port Jefferson Station resident, Gary Bolk volunteered his time on May 18 to cleaning up his community. 

Bolk got his start early in the morning, “It started today at 8a.m. for me,” Bolk said. “I was dressed in work boots, long socks, long pants, a long sleeve shirt, gloves and a hat. I brought my wheel barrow, four-wheel garden cart and some miscellaneous tools. At first it was just me and the deer family I saw jumping through the woods.”

Later on in the day and to Bolk’s surprise, other residents shared a similar idea — cleaning up the park neighboring the woods Bolk was in the process of clearing. Jerry Meekins, along with other nearby volunteers soon helped to clean the space. 

As the two continued removing garbage, passers-by joined in, namely, James and Melissa Barton, a son and daughter duo. 

As the day went on more volunteers showed up ready to help and the group was able to remove piles of junk and numerous bags of plastic cans and bottles.