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Bald Eagles of Centerport

Founder of the Bald Eagles of Centerport Facebook group honored

At the April 12th general meeting of the Suffolk County Legislature, Legislator Stephanie Bontempi (Centerport) formally recognized Robert Schwartz, founder of the Bald Eagles of Centerport Facebook group. In addition to Bontempi sharing a little bit about Mr. Schwartz’s contributions to the community, he was presented with a proclamation to commemorate such.

Legislator Bontempi (center) with Robert Schwartz and his wife, Liz. Photo from Leg. Bontempi’s office

Schwartz’s group has an enormous following and has become an important advocacy platform for the protection of the local bald eagles and the environment in general. The group’s presence on social media also provides an opportunity for bald eagle admirers to share their photos and stories associated with their unique encounters with the national bird.

“In Huntington, when one thinks of its bald eagles, Mr. Schwartz’s group will likely come to mind. The ever-growing following of the Bald Eagles of Centerport is proof of its ability to communicate how special these birds are,” said Bontempi. On top of his interest and advocacy work associated with the bald eagles, Schwartz is also a thriving beekeeper. Whenever there is an opportunity to share his knowledge in these two arenas, he does so with great enthusiasm and has likely inspired many individuals of all ages.

“Whenever Mr. Schwartz talks about the bald eagles or his beekeeping activities, you cannot help but listen intently as his passion is contagious. As a former teacher, it is fantastic to see someone with such a thirst for knowledge and the ability to motivate others to broaden their horizons in constructive and unique ways,” added Bontempi.