Suffolk County Legislator Bontempi restores original Suffolk County Transit S1 Route.

Suffolk County Legislator Bontempi restores original Suffolk County Transit S1 Route.

At the request of local residents, Legislator Stephanie Bontempi (R – 18th L.D.) was able to successfully reinstate the original path for the Suffolk County Transit S1 Route, effective March 3rd, 2024.

The decision to revert the bus route came after concerns raised by Madison Street residents following the recent change to the Suffolk County Transit S1 Route in October. The route travels between the Amityville Long Island Railroad Station to Halesite, including stops at the Walt Whitman Shops and the Huntington Long Island Railroad Station. An additional stop was added at Huntington Hospital, which required the bus to travel along Madison Street across from Heckscher Park. However, the re-routing of the bus line disrupted the daily lives of residents on Madison Street and those visiting Heckscher Park. Madison Street already experienced traffic congestion, and the added buses exacerbated the issue, posing a significant safety risk to both residents and park visitors.

Legislator Bontempi received numerous emails and phone calls from constituents residing on Madison Street and decided to investigate the issue herself. She and her staff observed the Suffolk County Transit S1 route along Madison Street, visited the area of concern on multiple occasions, and rode the bus from the Walt Whitman Shops to Halesite to gather first-hand knowledge of the route. While riding the bus and speaking directly with one of the bus drivers driving the S1 Route, it was confirmed that the buses rarely needed to stop at Huntington Hospital and that the current route configuration was inefficient, and unnecessarily putting the driver’s safety at risk when maneuvering on Madison Street, a high foot-traffic neighborhood. Further, because of the recent route change, it was also noted that past stops along New York Avenue/R110 were removed, directly impacting the frequent users of the bus that worked in the local businesses along New York Avenue/110. 

After extensive research into the ongoing issues along Madison Street, accompanied by constituent input, Legislator Bontempi reached out to the Suffolk County Deputy Commissioner of Public Works, the Director of Downtown and Transit-Oriented Development, and the Suffolk County Director of Transportation to request an immediate change in the route. The decision was made to revert to the original route, which continues north and south along New York Avenue/R110. The re-routing to its original path reflects a commitment to responsiveness by the government and prioritizes the well-being of residents. 


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