Shelter Pet of the Week: Chevy

Shelter Pet of the Week: Chevy


This week’s shelter pet is Chevy, a one and a half year-old male pit mix up for adoption at the Smithtown Animal Shelter.

Chevy  has had a very difficult start to his young life. He was found by law enforcement lying on the side of the road on New Year’s Eve. He was emaciated, completely blind, and very scared and injured. X-rays showed that he had broken and fractured bones all over. It became clear that these injuries were the result of either abuse or negligence.

Chevy had surgery to repair a dislocated elbow, and spent some time in a foster home so his recovery could be closely monitored. Chevy’s condition began to improve, as he started to perk up and play, and showed signs of vision returning in one of his eyes. He still gave a happy greeting to everyone who walked by and would nudge people for affection. His body may have been damaged, but his attitude and spirit would never be broken.

While his vision was improving in one eye, his other eye still had a detached retina, swelling, and light bleeding. The difficult decision was made to remove this eye. Now that he has fully recovered from this surgery, his doctors believe he will live a pain-free life. Chevy is finally getting to experience the happy puppy life that he never had before. He has gained back weight, is strong and mobile despite still having a slight limp, and loves to snuggle and kiss. Even though he was mistreated by humans before, he is still very trusting and friendly to all new people. Chevy is the perfect example of the ultimate comeback story, and he won’t let anything get him down.

Chevy will only be allowed to be into the best of homes who will provide him with the love and care he was missing in his past life. Chevy has experience living with dogs and gets along well with them, but he does need some time to get used to other canine companions and introduce himself. Due to his limited vision, he should only be with older kids that will respect his sight trouble. He also has a well-managed food allergy. Chevy can’t wait to find his perfect furrever home, and we know that home is out there somewhere for him.

If you are interested in meeting Chevy, please fill out an application to schedule time to properly interact with him in a domestic setting, which includes a Meet and Greet Room, the dog runs, and a dog walk trail.

Download the Foster Application at:

The Smithtown Animal & Adoption Shelter is located at 410 Middle Country Road, Smithtown. Visitor hours are currently Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Sundays and Wednesday evenings by appointment only). For more information, call 631-360-7575 or visit