Legislator Bontempi’s donation drive for the people of Ukraine a success

Legislator Bontempi’s donation drive for the people of Ukraine a success

Legislator Stephanie Bontempi (seated) and an aide, Caitlin Curry, examined the donated items. Photo from Leg. Bontempi's office

Recently, Suffolk County Legislator Stephanie Bontempi (Centerport) began an effort out of her district office in collaboration with the county executive to collect essential supplies for the people of Ukraine.  Bontempi called for a variety of items (e.g., cold weather clothing, boots, baby and medical supplies, etc.) that are so desperately needed by individuals in Ukraine, whether they have been displaced by the attacks or are fighting for their freedom.

Despite the short duration – due to logistical factors – of the supply drive, Bontempi’s office experienced overwhelming support for the effort.  In addition to other Suffolk County legislative offices participating in a similar fashion, various levels of government assisted with their own drives, as did numerous faith-based organizations and many others near and far.  The participation of generous donors to the numerous drives that materialized was so great that many partners in the undertaking called off collections earlier than anticipated due to exceeding storage capacity.

“We were absolutely overwhelmed, but not surprised, by the willingness of the residents to help out the people of Ukraine.  Despite what we learn from the media, there is still a tremendous amount of good in the world.  If we continue to stand up for freedom for all, good will triumph over evil,” said Bontempi.

Although some drives for supplies have been suspended, there remains a possibility of future rounds, should the conflict in Ukraine be a protracted one.  Bontempi’s office will certainly step up and inform the residents of future opportunities to assist if and when they are set in motion.

“From the bottom of my heart, I thank all those who have participated in this inspiring show of support,” added Bontempi.