Eye on the Street

Eye on the Street

Victoria Fitzpatrick

Phase 3 in Suffolk County is finally here! Effective June 24, it allows for larger gatherings of people, indoor dining at restaurants and the opening of more personal care businesses like nail salons with restrictions for safety. We sent our star reporter David Luces out on the streets of Port Jefferson last Friday to find out what the community is looking forward to the most as we move forward. 

Victoria Fitzpatrick

Victoria Fitzpatrick, Port Jefferson 

Indoor dining is something I missed. Anything seafood or outdoors is top of the notch [for me]. If I see you’re abiding by the rules and doing what you’re supposed to be doing as a restaurant owner, then I will go in. I need to get some lobsters — there’s a place on the South Shore that I go to. 

I would go back to the salon, as long as they’re doing the right thing. If they’re not doing the right thing I’m walking out. I’m a healthcare worker and I’m worried about the second wave.

Anthony Squitire

Anthony Squitire, Centereach 

I’ve been getting by just with takeout, but I will definitely consider going back to dine in at a restaurant once they reopen. I know museums are in Phase 4, but I would really like to go back to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the city — it’s been like two years since I’ve been there.

Tom Adams

Tom Adams, Shoreham

I’m looking forward to being able to go out to dinner again. I miss going to Orto in Miller Place; I like having their linguine with white clams.  I also miss playing tennis and playing doubles matches. I usually play a lot with my friends in Shoreham Village. Right now, we can only play single matches only.

Michael Innace

Michael Innace, Holbrook 

I wouldn’t mind going back to some of the indoor dining. I see some of the places here have all the servers, workers wearing masks. I know my wife is erring on the side of caution through all of this, so she has no interest in going out to eat. So, I probably won’t be dining out just because she doesn’t really want to. 

Nail salons is another thing that she is putting on hold until she feels safe to go back. I think even after Phase 4 people are still going to act cautiously. I think there are going to be residual effects.

Joan Roehrig

Joan Roehrig, Setauket

We did outdoor dining a few days ago, it just felt so good to be outside and sit around. I would probably want to dine in as well. 

I’m not in a hurry to go back to the nail salon. I’m not sure if I’m comfortable going back right now. I’m definitely interested in getting my nails and hair done, but I’m in a wait and see mode; I’m not ready to dive in. If I saw that they were taking the proper safety precautions, I might go in.

Nora F.

Nora F., Port Jefferson

I’ve missed indoor dining. It’ll be a good time to go out with friends again. I’m looking forward to going back to Pasta Pasta; they just have great dishes. My daughter’s baby shower is July 12, so when I first heard that they’re opening up indoor dining, I was hopeful it will still be able to happen. Also, just being able to get my nails and hair done will be nice.

All photos by David Luces