Children’s Book Council nominates local author for two prestigious 2022 Kids...

Children’s Book Council nominates local author for two prestigious 2022 Kids Choice Awards

'The Whale's Daughter'

Voting for the 2022 Kids’ Book Choice Awards is now underway with Long Island author Jerry Mikorenda in the running in two prestigious categories.

The Northport author’s teen novel The Whaler’s Daughter was nominated in the Favorite Character Crush category for the character of Figgie, and himself for Best Stellar Storyteller.

“It’s an honor just to be considered with all these great authors and I’m particularly happy to see the character of Figgie recognized,” said Mikorenda. “He’s just about the coolest indigenous dude you ever want to meet, and the best friend ever to have on an adventure.”

The Whaler’s Daughter (Regal House Publishing), is a historical seafaring novel that takes place in 1910 on a whaling station in New South Wales, Australia. There twelve-year-old Savannah Dawson lives with her widowed father. She’s desperate to prove to him that she can carry on the family legacy, but no one wants a girl in a whaleboat—that is, until Figgie helps Savannah hone her whaling skills and learn about the Law of the Bay. The story is about unexpressed grief, and how friendship can turn revenge into repentance, anger to empathy, and hurt into hopefulness.

“This award program is great on so many levels because it gives the intended audience final say over the results while also teaching the importance of civic participation and the responsibility of voting,” added the author. “I’d encourage all eligible kids to vote for their choices.”

The Kids’ Book Choice Awards are the only national book awards chosen solely by kids and teens. The Children’s Book Council is the nonprofit trade association of children’s book publishers in North America, dedicated to supporting the industry and promoting children’s books and reading. The first round of voting is underway and goes until August 20.

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