Beloved Full Gospel Christian Center pastor retires, new pastors ordained

Beloved Full Gospel Christian Center pastor retires, new pastors ordained

Retiring Pastors David and Diane Knapp. Photo from Full Gospel Christian Center

After a 50-year career, a local pastor has decided that it was time to retire. Pastors David and Diane Knapp have already relocated with their family to South Carolina this year, after serving the Port Jefferson Station community for 43 years.

Full Gospel Christian Center congregants describe the reverend as a powerful speaker, an incredibly knowledgeable man in the Word of God, in current events with regard to the Bible, and prophecy. 

They describe his wife, Diane, as a wonderful woman of God. She always had a smile on her face and a very loving, caring disposition with everyone she meets. She is a tremendous worship leader, and a great friend to the many women of the church.

Many have been in this congregation for over 30 years alongside these pastors. They have learned a wealth of knowledge from the many sermons and teachings delivered by Knapp. 

The couple had been at the 415 Old Town Road church address together with his elders, since 1983.  Previously they were at the old Fox Theatre in Port Jefferson Station, where they began their ministry in 1979.

New pastors, Pastor Bill and Damaris Lind that are getting ordained this Sunday, June 27. Photo from Full Gospel Christian Center

Knapp has been a great teacher, family man and community warrior. Last year, the whole church celebrated the couple’s 50 years in ministry and 50 years of marriage at The East Wind — just before the COVID-19 closures — where they got remarried and renewed their vows. 

There is much to be said about the hearts of these beloved pastors. In reflecting upon their life and ministry, it is evident that they are truly honorable and full of compassion. With unselfish hearts, longing to see people come to know Jesus. They served as missionaries in 12 different nations.  

As the pastors now go into retirement and have stepped down from Full Gospel Christian Center, they welcome its new pastors with open arms.

Pastor Bill and Damaris Lind have been at Full Gospel Christian Center for over 25 years alongside the Knapps.

These new pastors have hit the ground running as they accepted their new positions. They have worked to bring the building up to date, as well as adding new ideas, new ministries and new ways of spreading the gospel. 

The Lind’s bring a wealth of knowledge from their previous careers in the area of business operations that they will need to run the church operations. The humble tender-spirited hearts of the new pastors have touched all our hearts. 

We at the church will be forever grateful for their godly example, honesty, positive attitudes and encouraging ways, serving with love, and spurring us on to reach further and dream bigger.  

Graduates of Rhema Bible School, they have come up through the ranks serving at Full Gospel as Deacons, heading up both the men’s and women’s ministry, teaching, preaching, doing dramas, serving in the prayer ministry, youth work, evangelism, maintenance and ushering. They not only know God’s Word, but they actually live it. Everyone here at Full Gospel feel extremely blessed to have such wonderful loving people as our pastors.  

Pastor Damaris has been a pastor’s kid since birth and has many years of spiritual experience. They recently completed their biblical studies from the Rhema Bible School and their diplomas will be awarded at their ordination day on June 27. This will be a historical day in the life of Full Gospel Christian Center as they come into their ministry.

Pastors David and Diane Knapp remain as the Bishops of Full Gospel Christian Center and will oversee and provide guidance to the new pastors together with the trustees of the Church; Pastor Ron Stauch, Elder Dolores Roncketti and Patricia Ensley.

We invite you to visit our Full Gospel Christian Center Church, support the community effort to bring gospel teachings to Long Island, and to help you “Get from where you are, to where God wants you to be.” 

From Full Gospel Christian Center