WMHO unveils ‘Beyond the Plaque’ – A self-guided audio experience

WMHO unveils ‘Beyond the Plaque’ – A self-guided audio experience

Photo courtesy of WMHO

The Ward Melville Heritage Organization (WMHO) recently unveiled a new self-guided audio experience at T. Bayles Minuse Mill Pond Park in Stony Brook Village. Titled “Beyond the Plaque,” this new audio experience gives participants the opportunity to learn about the people named on 16 plaques at the picturesque park. As they wander through the tranquil pathways, they’ll discover more than just names and dates — they’ll delve into the compelling stories and extraordinary journeys of the individuals commemorated on the plaques.

Many of the plaques are dedicated to members past and present of the Stony Brook community, each leaving a lasting impact on those they touched in their lives. Among the notable individuals you can learn about is T. Bayles Minuse, the very namesake of the park.

“Our idea of creating an audio experience dedicated to the people beyond the plaques originated two years ago during the unveiling of the newly rehabilitated T. Bayles Minuse Mill Pond Park,” said Dr. Richard Rugen, WMHO Chairman. “We are thrilled to unveil this to the public, just in time for spring.”

The Beyond the Plaque Audio Experience is offered completely FREE of charge, and accessible to all, anytime, and anywhere. To embark on this captivating tour, individuals can simply scan the QR codes located on informational signs within the park or visit audio.stonybrookvillage.com.

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