The Jazz Loft to host live interactive tours through jazz history Sept....

The Jazz Loft to host live interactive tours through jazz history Sept. 10, Oct. 21

The Jazz Loft. Photo by Heidi Sutton
What is Jazz? tour takes visitors to seven jazz stops in museum

The Jazz Loft in Stony Brook will be presenting two opportunities to take a walk through jazz history with its What is JAZZ? interactive tour on Sept. 10 (starting at 6 p.m.) and Oct. 21 (starting at 7 p.m.) with guests arriving in 10-minute intervals.

The unique tour is comprised of seven stops within the Jazz Loft’s museum and performance space. Each stop in Jazz history is about four minutes, during which patrons will be treated to a brief performance and historical reflection. The entire live music, interactive experience will take about 30 minutes.

Guests begin in the main lobby and are welcomed to America by a lone pianist who introduces them to the BLUES. Each stop is limited to a brief historical reflection and a singular tune leaving guests hungry for more.

As they continue to the Seaman Gallery, inspired by Jazz photography, guests meet a singer who introduces them to the influence of GOSPEL music in Jazz and they hear a melody reminiscent of a tent revival meeting in the deep south.

The tour continues in the Milt Hinton Music Room as visitors are ushered into the birthplace of Jazz, New Orleans as they hear the sounds of EARLY JAZZ presented by a banjo/bass duo. Each time warp landing leaves no time for lingering and as the map leads from stop-to-stop, patrons head upstairs to the Teddy Charles Room. Transported to the windy city of Chicago and the heyday of the BIG BAND/SWING ERA this stop is fueled by the syncopated vibrations of a clarinet/vibraphone trio reminiscent of Benny Goodman’s unit (the vibraphone, a 1939 Deagan model actually performed with Goodman and is flanked by photos to prove it!).

Six steps up the elevation climbs further to the wow-room and the journey continues as patrons are in the main performance space of the Jazz Loft, an intimate supper club environment complete with a three-tier bandstand reconstructed from the Roseland Ballroom dance floor and the towering 1927 Irving Plaza Ballroom chandelier, fully restored. Bandstand aglow in the history and story of the city that never slept, New York is alive with the energy, pep, vim and verve of BEBOP heralded by a quintet who’s never ceasing and endless energy abounds.

Is there more? YES! Because the story of Jazz is still evolving as told by the singular Avant-guard trombonist in the Loft’s library who shouts and wails the sound of THINGS TO COME and of beyond the now. The tour may seem complete, but this journey of four-minute stops, scheduled so that every group of guests has their own private walk through of The Jazz Loft will certainly leave much to be discussed.

Guests can then proceed to the Basie Garden to enjoy some lingering sounds of LATIN JAZZ to debrief their experience. Patrons can choose from a select list of wines, craft beers, snacks and drinks available for purchase.

The Jazz Loft is located at 275 Christian Ave., Stony Brook. Tickets to the tour are $30, $25 seniors, $20 students, $15 children. To order, call 631-751-1895 or visit