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The road leading to the Coindre Hall boathouse. Photo from Leg. Bontempi's office

Suffolk County Legislator Stephanie Bontempi (R – 18th L.D.) recently  announced that restoration has begun at the historic Coindre Hall.

“Working with the Coindre Hall Advisory Board, the community, my colleagues in the legislature, and county officials, I am proud to say that we have begun to restore the property to its former glory,” said Bontempi.

“Despite the narrative the rumor mill has continued to push, this land will not – and cannot – be used for any development or commercialization.  Coindre Hall will be preserved for generations to come.”

Coindre Hall’s seawall. Photo from Leg. Bontempi’s office

“A major part of the CHAB’s mission is to restore the property without compromising the overall character of the complex and larger park,” said Bontempi.  “Before the recent restoration work began, Suffolk County secured the necessary DEC permits.  Notice of such permits has been prominently posted on the property for the public to view.  This has been a transparent and cooperative effort.”

Upon completion of the work, a replanting phase will begin to replace any vegetation that may be impacted during the project.  In addition, the wetlands are protected as per DEC guidelines.

“These are pristine wetlands, surrounded by native flora and fauna,” said Bontempi.  “It is of paramount importance that we protect the site’s natural state.”

Some proposed uses of the restored boathouse include establishing a law enforcement station, given the complex and unique location on the shoreline, providing easier access to various points on the waterfront.

“Restoring this Suffolk County park benefits every resident in Suffolk County,” said Bontempi.  “This is a tremendous victory for Suffolk County residents.”

To learn more about the great work done by the members of the community working on the Coindre Hall Advisory Board, please visithttps://www.scnylegislature.us/1187/Coindre-Hall-Advisory-Board