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Museum Association of New York (MANY)

Peter Fedoryk conducts a tour of “Looking for Lange Exhibition” at Preservation Long Island’s Exhibition Gallery. (Courtesy of Preservation Long Island)

This award celebrates museum professionals with five years or less experience who think creatively, inspire change, spark innovation, and exemplify leadership.

Cold Spring Harbor: Preservation Long Island Curatorial Fellow, Peter Fedoryk, is a recipient of the 2023 Rising Star Award, one of the fourteen awards made by the Museum Association of New York (MANY) that celebrate unique leadership, dedicated community service, transformational visitor experiences, community engagement, and innovative programs that use collections to tell stories of everyone who calls New York home.


Peter Fedoryk with Preservation Long Island collections. Fedoryk was named a recipient of the 2023 Rising Star Award, presented by the Museum Association of New York. (Courtesy of Preservation Long Island)

Peter Fedoryk will be honored at the Museum Association of New York 2023 annual conference “Finding Center: Access, Inclusion, Participation, and Engagement” in Syracuse, New York on Monday, April 17 from 12:30 p.m. at the Syracuse Marriott Downtown.

“New York’s museums and museum professionals are reimagining and reinventing their roles within their communities, how they interpret their stories and collections, and the visitor experience,” said Natalie Stetson, Executive Director of the Erie Canal Museum and MANY Program Committee Co-Chair. “This year’s award winners are outstanding examples for the museum field.”

“We were incredibly impressed with the quality and quantity of award nominations this year, which made the review process highly competitive,” said Clifford Laube, Public Programs Specialist at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum and MANY Program Committee Co-Chair. “Museums and museum staff across the state are demonstrating creative thinking and are inspiring institutional change.”

“During the time Peter has been with Preservation Long Island, he has positively impacted the organization in many ways, contributing his diligence and thoughtful creativity to everything from collections management to grant writing and community engagement,” said Alexandra Wolfe, Preservation Long Island Executive Director. “We are delighted that Peter is among our New York State museum colleagues being recognized as an outstanding example to the museum field.”

Since July of 2021, Peter has led Preservation Long Island’s Art of Edward Lange Project, a collaborative effort to reexamine the life and Long Island landscapes of the late 19th-century German immigrant artist. In his role, Peter launched an interactive website featuring nearly 150 artworks accompanied by in-depth catalogue information and interpretive content, curated an in-focus gallery exhibition, published and presented on new scholarship, and spearheaded numerous public programs. He is currently co-authoring and co-editing a new publication on Edward Lange that is slated to be published next year.

Lauren Brincat, Preservation Long Island Curator added, “I am continually impressed by Peter’s initiative, creativity, and leadership. As Curatorial Fellow, he has pushed us in exciting directions and exceeded all expectations. Peter’s future in the field is bright, and it’s been a real pleasure watching him grow as a museum professional.”