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Master Class series

The Ward Melville Heritage Organization in Stony Brook will offer a new Master Class series, “Here for You,” which will take place each month, from January to June. 

“Here for You” will feature everything that Stony Brook Village has to offer to Long Islanders. Participants will be able to choose the format that is most enjoyable for them — in person or virtually. 

Learn floral arrangement techniques with the owner of Village Florist and Events in Stony Brook Village on Jan. 29. Photo from WMHO

Subscriptions for the entire series is $85 per person, which includes a “taste kit” from the Crushed Olive, a “Stony Brook Village Booklet” with insider tips from experts in cooking, mindfulness exercises, floral arrangements and photography, and special “hot” deals throughout Stony Brook Village.

Participants will be a part of six content-rich experiences that span across the arts, health, science, history and culture. The monthly series will include virtual tours of Madagascar, South America and Europe, culinary lessons, open-air guided tours of Stony Brook Village, and much more. 

The first class of the series, which will take place on Friday, January 29, is titled “The Power of Flowers” and features the Village Florist and Events owner Amanda Haggquist. In this virtual workshop, participants will utilize a floral arrangement kit, learn about popular winter flowers and arrangement techniques, and discover the origins of flower arranging. This class is available without the seasonal subscription at $20 per person.

Upcoming programs include guest appearances by Mona Rossero, owner of the Crushed Olive; Guy Reuge, the Executive Chef of the Mirabelle Restaurant; primatologist Patricia Wright and her husband, wildlife photographer Noel Rowe; and professional meditation and spirituality guide, Michael Opisso.

To learn more about the “Here for You” series and to register, call 631-751-2244.

Carl Safina and Patricia Paladines. Photo from WMHO

Save the date! The Ward Melville Heritage Organization continues its Master Class series with Forces of Nature: Travel, Conservation and Love, on Wednesday, July 29 via Zoom at 1 p.m.

Forces of Nature brings you internationally renowned conservationist, Endowed Professor of Nature and Humanity at Stony Brook University, and Macarthur Genius recipient, Dr. Carl Safina and his wife, Patricia Paladines, a photographer, naturalist and writer.

The couple will engage you with powerful stories of travel, their drive to conserve the environment near and far, and their love of nature and each other. With each story, they will challenge you to see the natural world, how humankind is responsible for changing it, and what those changes mean for us and the nonhumans we share it with.

To register for this free event, please email [email protected] or call 631-751-2244.