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Long Island Elite Limousines

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​On Dec. 11, officers from Harbor Country Day School’s Student Council visited Long Island Elite Limousines in St. James to drop off toys donated to the Suffolk County Toys for Tots program. The toys were donated by Harbor Country Day School students as part of their annual toy drive.

Given the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic this year, more than ever, there was a tremendous need for donations.

Because visitors are not permitted to Harbor Country at this time, and due to social distancing requirements, both the result of COVID-19, this year’s toy drive looked different than in years past. Historically, Harbor Country Day School was a local drop off point in the community and donated toys were picked up by the Marine Corps. This year, Harbor students and faculty loaded toys onto the Harbor Country Day School bus to bring to Long Island Elite Limousines where they were subsequently delivered to Suffolk County Toys for Tots.

Harbor has contributed to the Toys for Tots drive since 1998, when former Harbor employee and former Marine Mike Guido instituted the program. Now retired from the school, the St. James school continues this tradition begun by Mr. Guido.

“We’re honored to have the opportunity to contribute to the Toys for Tots drive and to work … on such a wonderful program,” said John Cissel, Head of School for Harbor Country Day School.