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'Row Me Away' by Jan Guarino

*This article has been updated on July 7, 2022.

The Huntington Historical Society will present a series of summer art workshops for adults at the Conklin Barn, 2 High Street, Huntington starting on July 12:



Free yourself of the usual art rules with Paper Collage. Merely with a pair of scissors, glue, and some maga zines, you can let your imagination fly and create a colorful work of art. Do abstract, do figurative, do land scapes. Let the scissors and your imagination be your guides. 

Tuesday, July 12th 1-3 pm or Tuesday, July 26th 1-3 pm 

Member price $35 Non-member price $45, Class size limited to 15 

Fearless Watercolors  – Only one spot left!


Artist Jan Guarino

I was once you… Struggling to become a better watercolorist and felt I was missing many of the basics needed  to be excel. Having taught watercolors for the past 15 years I know what you need and can help you build your  painting skills with specific techniques, my clear process to putting paint and water to paper will help you  more successfully express your passion for this medium. I’ll teach you in a way that emulates what I needed  as a student and didn’t get. This Basics Workshop takes many pieces and pulls them together in this 3-evening  workshop. Learn the correct brush strokes, understand color wheel, avoid muddy results, saving and correcting  whites and much more. The outcome will be that you become empowered by clear and innovative ideas. You  already have the passion and desire, combined with my suggestions ~ you can become a more confident water colorist. All it takes is you and practice! 

*Three Wednesday nights-3-part series, 6:30-9:00 pm, *July 27th, August 3rd, August 10th Member price $120, non-member price $150, Class size limited to 20 



We all know how to type and text— but let’s get back to the power of the pen by learning the Art of Beautiful  Handwriting in this style called, Calligraffiti! Using a brush marker, we’ll have fun expressing ourselves in  this exciting, cursive lettering form that adds bold graffiti elements to make our words pop! Thursday, July 28th 1-3 pm or Thursday, August 11th 7-9pm  

Member price $35 Non-member price $45, Class size limited to 20

*Day time workshops – coffee, tea and delicious baked goods will be served!

*Night time workshops- wine, seltzer, fruit and cheese will be served!

For more information or to register, visit www.huntingtonhistoricalsociety.org.