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east beach retaining wall

The long-awaited retaining wall at East Beach is finally done after a total makeover of the decaying former wall. 

Back in March, the project was awarded to Galvin Brothers and Madhue Contracting, both of Great Neck, as a joint venture for a total of $474,830. The expenses for the structural repairs were included in the budget and were part of a bond anticipation note. 

This came as part of the ongoing revitalization of East Beach, which included sand dredging, and soon a revegetation of the bluff. 

According to Mayor Margot Garant, the wall was finished on time and as expected by Memorial Day weekend.

“I think the community is really happy with it,” she said. “It’s important that we got this wall completed.”

Garant said they are continuously keeping an eye on the wall and watching the upper slop to make sure everything stays in place.

“When there was a monsoon [that weekend],” she said, “Everything stayed intact.”