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JUST VISITING Don Michne of Miller Place took this photo of a flock of wild turkeys on Aug 19. He writes, “These are ‘my’ turkeys playing ring around a rosey. They visit me at least twice a day. If they can’t find me, they look all around the house and today they actually came into the garage.”


Don Michne of Miller Place recently snapped this photo of a young white-tailed deer at Cedar Beach in Mount Sinai. He writes, “My wife, Mary, and I go for frequent walks at the beach. Mary was first to notice the deer. I took many photo’s of him; he seemed very tame. The next two evenings in a row we found him again, never in the same location but always nearby. I got the feeling he was expecting us. We never fed him, just talked. Of the dozens of photos I took of him, we liked this one the most, sticking his tongue out at us.”

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