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Chew and Chat initiative

Washington Drive School launches ‘Chew and Chat’ initiative

In the time of social distancing, students at Washington Drive Primary School in Centerport have found new ways to build relationships not just with their fellow classmates, but with they’re virtual friends as well.

On Oct. 20, students kicked off a new initiative: “Chew and Chat,” during which they connected with in-person learners from different classes and grades, as well as remote learners using Google Meet.

Students were eager to discuss their plans for Halloween and offered three clues, allowing their classmates to guess their costumes. At the end of the month, students will meet again for the second “Chew and Chat” session to reveal their costumes and determine if they guessed right.

With limited opportunities for students to interact with others outside of their classrooms, Principal Kathryn McNally said that she plans to offer the “Chew and Chat” sessions on a regular basis. “Because of the pandemic, students have been confined to interacting only with their immediate classmates,” Mrs. McNally said. “These sessions offer an opportunity for the kids to socialize and build those important relationships outside of their classrooms.”

Photo courtesy of Harborfields Central School District