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Blue and Green Day

Pictured: Legislator Stephanie Bontempi (at the podium) speaking at a press conference at the William Rogers Legislative Building on April 21st.

At a press conference held on April 21st, in recognition of National Donate Life Month and in anticipation of Blue and Green Day, Legislator Stephanie Bontempi (Centerport) met with colleagues, organ donors, recipients and advocates to encourage more people to consider becoming organ donors.  Blue and Green Day is a component of National Donate Life Month, and its role is to promote organ donation through inspiring stories of those whose lives were touched by it.

“We are probably at least somewhat accustomed to hearing stories about someone who received an organ transplant, but rarely do we meet the donors, who have often passed on.  For this very reason, much more attention needs to be placed on living donors – those who donate while still alive and healthy,” said Bontempi.

The speakers at the press conference made it clear that New York is lagging behind a good number of other states when it comes to the number of registered donors.  While it is unclear exactly why New Yorkers are not adding their names to the donor list, it has become the mission of organ donor advocates to turn the tide.

“While becoming a living organ donor is not for everybody, it would be wonderful if more people would at least consider becoming a donor upon their death.  Many of us have the potential to save at least one life, possibly more,” added Bontempi.

To learn more about becoming an organ donor, please visit: www.liveonNY.com.