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Super Bowl “Musical Score” 

Gary Meyer

While most of us were concentrating on touchdown scores on Super Bowl Sunday, Cold Spring Harbor Central School District’s Lloyd Harbor Elementary School music teacher, Mr. Gary Meyer, was concentrating on his “musical score” instead! Although you did not see him during the Sesame Street “The Neighborhood” DoorDash Big Game commercial featured during the Super Bowl, Mr. Meyer’s clarinet could be heard along with Big Bird and the crew.

“I recorded the music from my office using a microphone and Pro Tools program. The music was then sent to the editor who mixed the music and then combined it with the video. As you can see from the YouTube video it involved Sesame Street characters and Daveed Diggs from Hamilton on vocals,” said Meyer.

A former Lloyd Harbor student of mine, Bill Sherman, is the Music Director for Sesame Street and he called me for the gig. I have recorded woodwinds for Sesame Street TV the last ten seasons … so, my former student is now my boss! It was very exciting to have my work featured during the Super Bowl!”

See the commercial here: