Shelter Pet of the Week: Betty Boop

Shelter Pet of the Week: Betty Boop


Break out the tissue box because we are determined to change Betty Boop’s fate. This couch hippo (approximately twelve year-young Female pibble mix) has spent FIVE years at the Smithtown Animal Shelter and deserves to wake up one day snuggled up next to YOU! She is a low-key, affectionate, wiggle monster, who aside from snoring and passing gas at will, just wants a couch, Netflix marathons and a human to call her person.

Betty loves to dip her feet in the kiddie pools and fancies herself a magician…  She can turn stuffed animals into snow. If you give her a treat and a belly rub, she’ll be your friend for life. Seriously… this velcro couch seal will cling on to human connection at first boop. Betty suffers from significant arthritis in her hips and knees and will need a home that can manage daily medications. Betty Boop would be best suited as the only pet in a mellow adult-only home. Easter is this weekend and all Betty Boop is wishing for from the Easter Bunny is for one very special someone to step up to either adopt or “Forever Foster” her. Will you be her miracle?

If you are interested in meeting Betty Book, please call ahead to schedule an hour to properly interact with her in a domestic setting.

The Town of Smithtown Animal & Adoption Shelter is located at 410 Middle Country Road, Smithtown. Visitor hours are Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Sundays and Wednesday evenings by appointment only). For more information, call 631-360-7575 or visit

Additional Foster Opportunity:

If you have no other pets or young children at home, and are looking for a way to serve your community, please consider signing up to be a foster. Foster parents provide temporary care for cats, kittens, and dogs in their own homes. Some animals need as little as two weeks of care, while others may need care for extended periods of time. The shelter provides: food, litter, litter box, large crate, bedding, all veterinary care and medicine for foster animals, foster training and plenty of continuing support to foster parent volunteers.

Download the Foster Application at: